Continuous integration and continuous deployment using Datavault Builder on Snowflake.

We have uploaded a short presentation on how Snowflake’s unique Zero Copy Cloning feature can be used with the Datavault Builder to create a very powerful CI/CD pipeline This works so well as the Datavault Builder is storing all its metadata, structures, and data in one database. By cloning this database, you get a perfect copy of an existing environment. This process is simple – just start a new environment with Datavault Builder using docker – and very fast – thanks to Snowflake’ outstanding, scalable performance. Setting up a new environment is taking literally just minutes. Datavault Builder leverages the Zero Copy Cloning feature for full CI/CD by enabling developers to start new sandboxes in instances and deploy the changes back into the model using GIT and APIs. Your GIT flow-based CI/CD enables you to work on different development branches simultaneously and create a strong development pipeline. The combination of Datavault Builder and the Snowflake makes DataOps a reality. About Snowflake: Snowflake is a Cloud Data Platform that is used as a service on a pay-per-use or on a prepaid token basis. Snowflake’s support for data warehousing and analytics provides a low-maintenance, cost-effective way for organizations to consolidate all their data silos into a single source of truth they can query to get results fast. By providing consistently fast queries, more users analyze more data and collaborate with their peers. Learn more about Snowflake at About Datavault Builder: Datavault Builder is a model-driven, cloud-native DWH automation tool adding a visual layer on top of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform or more traditional databases to:
  • Help you to model your business data model
  • Bring Business Users and IT together
  • Reduces your time to market

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