The Migration Vault Concept

In this video I present the the “Migration Vault” Concept:

A Migration Vault is a specialized metadata store. For sure it is designed itself as Data Vault.
It facilitates the migration of data from an old Data Vault format to a new one, ensuring compatibility and integrity during the transition.

The Migration Vault maps the metadata of the existing Data Vault (e.g., created with DBT) to the new format required by Datavault Builder.

In this Video

As DBT is a popular automation tool also used for creating Data Vault models we demonstrate a potential migration from DBT to Datavault Builder. We start with a short comparison of both tools and demonstrate then the migration approach.

DBT (Data Build Tool) Core
Focus: Primarily on the transformation layer of the data stack.
Approach: Code-first methodology for defining data transformations.

Datavault Builder
Nature: It’s a model-driven tool.
Coverage: Encompasses the entire lifecycle of development, deployment, and operations.
Integration: Offers a unified platform for all these stages.

Live Demo in the Video
Demonstration: Showcases a practical application of migrating a Data Vault using the Migration Vault from DBT to Datavault Builder.

Walkthrough of the migration process.
Highlighting the ease of transition.
Showcasing the tools and interfaces used.