On Multi-Active Satellites in Data Vault

Petr Beles, 2150 GmbH, https://elementor.2150.ch2018-11-07 Implementing Multi-Active Satellites as Document Satellites In the Data Vault standard there is a pattern called Multi-Active Satellite. This is also partly used to store Bi-Temporality in the Data Vault. A business key in a hub with a certain granularity is assigned more than one valid entry in the satellite […]

On Links

Petr Beles, 2150 GmbH, https://elementor.2150.ch 2017-02-11 Links representing transactions in Data Vault In this article I’m discussing only links representing transactions. I deliberately exclude links which represent relations (i.e. master data relations = giving context to an object like the link between a city and a commune). A row in a conventional link in Data […]