Data Vault vs. Data Mesh?

Should I still do Data Vault if there is Data Mesh? In the past few weeks and months, I got these very interesting questions which brought up a several times. So, I try to explain here my understanding and my thoughts. If you have a diverging view, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn for […]

Is Data Modeling dead

Do we still need data models? What is the value of models? Why did data modeling failed in the past? How can we create data models? How can we create value by data modeling? All of this I try to answer in the following presentation.

Datavault Builder Version 7

The main change in the major version is a completely refactored deployment module, which allows deploying a lot faster between environments thanks to introduced parallelization of deployment steps and which enhances CI/CD abilities even more.

The Migration Vault Concept

A Migration Vault is a specialized metadata store. For sure it is designed itself as Data Vault.
It facilitates the migration of data from an old Data Vault format to a new one, ensuring compatibility and integrity during the transition.

Direct Model GIT Check-In and Check-Out

Welcome to our short presentation video on Datavault Builder version 7.1! Today we’re diving into the exciting new GIT check-in and check-out feature that’s making agile development as simple as never before. With version 7.1, you can now create a new sandbox for distributed development with just a few clicks or API calls. This new […]